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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who needs another blog on leadership?

Oh no! Not another blog on leadership!

No doubt, so much has been written on leadership – there are thousands of books, n-number of websites and the newest, but hardly any weaker in numbers for that, addition has been the blogs. It has been debated at length whether leaders are born or people can be developed as leaders. Leadership skills – conceptual, technical and people – have been minutely studied, all possible leadership styles analysed. Having great respect and regard for this impressive body of knowledge, I still feel that leadership is generally presented as an esoteric, even mysterious and elusive at times, art. My approach to leadership will be one of common sense, and as I am not over-awed by it, my effort will be to de-mystify leadership in order to bring it within the realm of understanding of the common man or woman.

From among these common men and women more and more leaders, and true leaders at that, have to emerge if the frightening leadership vacuum is to be filled. The world needs millions of leaders in all walks of life, at roughly one per thousand. So, hundreds and thousands are needed to make leadership understood not only by the prospective leaders but also by those to be led. It is here that blogs like this one would have a role to play. And you, my readers, can contribute by way of your comments to make this blog an effective player. Be, therefore, generous with your comments (you would have noticed, I did not say “generous in your comments”).

Bye for now!

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