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Monday, March 31, 2008

Leadership demands transparent honesty

True leaders have to be transparently honest in whatever they say and in whatever they do. And just imagine if the leaders are like that, for them the task of leadership will be as simple and enjoyable as a walk in the park on a spring morning (in the west – on a summer morning). Since their credibility will be very high, if not perfect, no team member will question the leaders’ motives, and, as a result, everyone will be more committed to carry out the team’s objective.

Some people may interject here that in today’s world it is impossible to be transparently honest. I would not agree with this since I hold that even today it is as easy to be totally honest as it has been in any previous age. You just have to declare it to yourself that come what may you shall not stray from the straight path of truth and honesty and then put this resolution into practice day in and day out. After continuing successfully over some time you may tell your friends about your resolve. That will further ensure that you stuck to it to safeguard your reputation among them. You can be sure that on the way there will be temptations galore to go astray, but give it your all to resist and overcome the first of the temptations. And having overcome the first temptation you will be in a better and far easier position to overcome the second and subsequent ones.

Transparently honest leaders can defend their decisions easily and successfully, they, in fact, welcome impartial enquiry into their conduct. Because in the process of the enquiry they get a chance to convince their doubters of their uprightness.

Don’t ask me then why more and more of these so-called leaders take to dishonest methods which not only bring them ignominy but are also far more difficult to follow than the straight and easy path of transparent honesty; ask them.

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