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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The crisis of leadership

The political scene is barren, there is no one you would like to follow. So is the case with religion, society, schools, and the corporate sector. Almost in every field of human activity true leaders are a vanishing tribe. One is then left with no alternative to following their own values and principles. Thus led, one perhaps would attract fellow travellers having the same set of values and principles and in due course become their leader. Even otherwise, all who bemoan the leadership vacuum owe it to themselves and to the society to strive to fill that vacuum.

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Rob Linn and Rich Ottaviano said...

Hi Kanan,

Your comment about "rigid flexibility" on our blog, TeamLeadershipSkills.blogspot.com, was well put.

We could not agree more with your opinion about this crisis in leadership. What is fun for us to see is the amazing development of leaders both young and old that we have worked with over the years.

We just posted a question that directly relates to your recent post. We would love to hear your opinion. Please pay a visit and tell what you think.

Take care! It sounds like you are doing great work!